Yoga helps us to feel better and to live our lives in a more integrated way.

Carolyn Fuest teaches a gentle form of yoga which is surprisingly demanding. Close attention is paid to the relationship between gravity, the breath and the spine in order to release tension and find ease in movement.
Her teaching style is approachable and friendly with clear incisive teaching. Everyone is welcome and supported to learn at his or her own pace. Her classes include clear directions to teach the techniques of the asanas, or yoga positions. Time is given to explore how these relate to each student’s body and experience, and how to make the connection between the mind, the body, its movement and the breath in order gently to reduce strain and tension.
Classes are small and students are given close attention so that they can work within the range of their own stage of yoga practice.
Her focus is on improving strength, balance and alignment by careful attention to the breath and gravity. Time is given for breathing and meditative sitting.

Scaravelli influence
‘If we are sensitive to the requests of the body, it will respond spontaneously in an unexpected effortless way.’ Vanda Scaravelli

Vanda Scaravelli (1908 – 1999) was an inspirational yoga teacher in the latter part of the 20th century. Her special insights into yoga influenced a whole generation of yoga practitioners and importantly a generation of teachers.
Her approach was to practise without ambition and without striving to reach the full position. Rather to pay great attention during the journey into the posture and by discovering the root and the gravity of the posture allow the body to release into freedom.

Carolyn’s teaching is deeply rooted in this method of paying close attention to the body as it is now. This awareness allows us the space to breathe more freely and release the tensions of everyday living.

‘Carolyn’s classes are very strengthening. You don’t feel like you are doing much and then you always walk out feeling taller.’ Marianne